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Hey Iowa furs! [03 Sep 2011|09:23pm]


So my name is Jhusky. I'm a pretty active Iowa fur and I want to spread some news to this Community.

So I realize this comunity doesn't get used very often but since if you goggle "iowa furs" or furries in Iowa this is one of the things that comes up. So I want to post some things in which we've out reached in the last few months

First is Obviously our FA page:


Our Website


Our Facebook page


As well as our Facebook group (request to join)


Good Luck!!


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NakamaCon Artist Alley [20 Jan 2011|09:21pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi Iowa furs!

I'm the coordinatrix for the Artist Alley at NakamaCon 2 in Madison, Wisconsin on Memorial Day weekend (http://www.nakamacon.com). Now that the holidays have passed, I need to gear up and find artists to fill that alley!

Since we’re a young convention, we’re trying some new and exciting things in various departments of the con, but most notably in our Artist Alley.


$25.00* - Artist Package - Guarantees you a three foot space at a table, and not only that, but your membership is also included in this package! Break times are very flexible, and we take zero of your hard earned money past the initial $25.00* fee. NO lotteries. NO waiting to see if you get a table each day. It's yours throughout the convention!

Of course there would be some that would ask why pay the $25.00*if I'm not going to be at the convention all the time or in artist alley for more then a few hours at a time? NakamaCon will have a couple of tables set aside in a "free-for-all" fashion for those who only want to do art for short periods of time. However, as an artist you would be missing out on a great deal by not going the $25.00*approach and those "free-for-all" tables would be on a first-come-first-claimed basis.

Eventbrite registration information will be given to you once you e-mail your inquiries to artists[at]nakamacon.com.

Artists will be allocated a (3x3) space on a (3x6) table. You will be sharing a table with a fellow artist. Each artist will have the space for the duration of the convention and will not have to give up said area if they need to go to panels or for any other reason for vacancy. We do ask that if you are gone longer than 15 minutes you do let patrons know by using a sign that will let them know when you are to return.

Adult material must be bound in a non-see through folder, and your name plate must show that you have adult material (nameplates will be provided). The transaction between you the artist and the buyer is between the artist and buyer only. NakamaCon will not become involved in any disputes over payments or property rights. However, we will be glad to hand out forms to the artist upon arrival that will help with orders and commissions. If you have your own materials we suggest using what you are comfortable with.

Finally, your name and a link to your website will be listed on our website and other promotion as artists who will be in the artist alley, providing you with some great exposure and opportunity for art sales both before and after the convention.

Interested? Know of an artist who might be interested? Please feel free to pass this info on. Though the con isn't until May, spots are filling up!

NakamaCon 2 Artist Alley Coordinator

* - Price plus eventbrite ticket fee of $1.81
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Furbraska Bowling Night - Sunday Jan 16th 6-9pm [27 Dec 2010|10:28am]

WHEN: Sunday January 16th, 2011
TIME: 6pm - 9pm (could go later)
WHERE: Wildcat Lanes - 1201 ROYAL DR, PAPILLION, NE 68046 (402) 339-5984
(for those that do not know, Papillion is in the southern part of Omaha)
Cost: $2.50/Game - $1.50 for shoes

We have 4 lanes reserved and can reserve more if RSVP goes above 24 people. As always, ALL costuming is completely welcome. We've talked it out with the owner, and they are giving us our own party room (with restroom) for changing into/out of and storing our costumes and gear. The owner requires that we wear bowling shoes when bowling at all times, but soft mascot feet are OK.

We decided to try this place out because this is much more cost effective compared to $4.25 a game at the place in Elkhorn.

This event is open invite and is sent out to other local groups. I do ask that if you are interested, you RSVP back to this message to see if we will need more lanes.

any questions, please e-mail Eric "Snap" at snapEtiger@yahoo.com

See You There!
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to get ahold of me [09 Dec 2010|06:51am]


gotta make this short and sweet. im always on my phone that has an IM app for just about anything. so my instant messenger {msn} is reaper2471@yahoo.com. or just email me at sebi2471@yahoo.com. either works :3

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new furry!! [07 Dec 2010|03:14pm]

 hello everybody!! im a new furry in des moines iowa! ive recently moved here from Arizona. (where there were many furrs and activities) i have been living here for about 4 months now and have not met a single furry Y-Y so i am quite eager to get back into the furry community. i miss teh nuzzles and cuddlez.. so please. if anyone lives in des moines or close at all, i am eager to meet you all ^w^
so if anyone wants to get in touch mt number is 515 710 5605


Kismer Midnight~<3
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Road to Des Moines [22 Oct 2010|03:07am]

Hey everyone. Currently I'm living in Ottumwa, but I'm on a mission to move to Des Moines. My first trip up there on November 2nd I'll be looking for work and getting a feel for the aria. I'll be in town for a couple days, and I was wondering if there was anyone in the aria who'd be able to show me around.

This will be stage 1 of a three stage process. Details are on my website
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Well..... woof? [21 Jun 2010|12:12am]

So.... I can this how popular this group is so I'll try to keep it short so my post will be seen ^_^

Well as of last year, I'm a student in Iowa City, Iowa. (University of Iowa) and when I return in the fall I wanted to see if there were any other furries in Iowa City.

So far my searches though communities/posts/Fb groups/google and known company has left me to no avail.... If this doesn't work I will have to give up my search of finding any other furries that go to Iowa :(

Well if you see this post are in in the area....


Aim:  Jhusky267
MSN: Jhusky267@hotmail.com

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Omaha OSFEST! Sci-Fi Con [05 Jun 2010|12:03pm]

http://www.osfes. org/index. htm
July 23rd-25th

  • DESTINATION OUTER SPACE a film by Christopher Mihm
  • Dance
  • Costuming Workshops
  • Coffee with the Guests of Honor
  • Free book library
  • Trivia games
  • Masquerade and Hall Costume Contests
  • Dr. San Guinary panels with DrSanGuinary. Org
  • Author readings
  • The Militarization of Space
  • Room Parties
Last year we enjoyed Omaha's Sci-Fi convention at the Comfort Inn and Suites, 70th and Grover Street.
I secured a party floor suite for Friday and Saturday nights, took care of some of the snacks and brought keg beer, but am financially unable to do so again this year.

The room had one large bed in it and 3 separate beds (bunk beds) to use for the night..  am trying to get the same one again this year
a total of 6 people may fit in the room.   more if you dont mind floor.
If folks are interested in coming to the con, it would be nice to have this suite as a place to crash and store our stuff and fursuit parts.
I will make a reservation for the two nights (fri & sat).  They go for $119 apiece plus tax.
If you would like a share of the room as far as a place to sleep for the night, please reply to me here or in a personal e-mail.

I am accepting fund offerings that will go to the general room fund for Soda, Beer, Snacks, Pizza, other food and other con necessities.
I will keep the group up to date as far as how much was received via PayPal.
the address to send the payment to is:
paypal@ByCats4Cats. com

We had an awesome time last year.... a link to a video I made of the con.
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=mSIvMnoEBLY

I am looking forward to making this a group effort so we all can enjoy every bit of the convention.
Those of you coming from out of town, make sure to get with me early so I can make sure you have a place to crash, or separate rooms are available for $79 a night

Thanks All!

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[17 Apr 2010|12:27pm]

So are any of you fuzzies going to anime Iowa this year?
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Ames? [16 Apr 2010|10:27pm]

Hi everyone. I'm going ot be attending Iowa State University this upcoming fall and wanted to know if there were any furs up near Ames. I'm a fursuiter myself so I'd be interested if there were any other suiters that I could suit up with. My email is feroxdeovacuusvinco@yahoo.com if anyone wants to talk there. I really hope there are some fellow furs there.

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Hey Everyone! [17 Mar 2010|03:03am]

Hey My name is Jeff, I'm currently a new furry, as well as new to live Journal living in Iowa City, Iowa.

If you currently reside or live near Iowa City, Please contact me, I'd love to chat with you

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[26 Feb 2010|08:37am]

So far we have 10 people RSVP'd for bowling.  We even have a visitor from Kansas City coming
If you have not RSVP'd and plan on bowling please let me know TODAY so I can get another lane reserved if needed

The bowling alley is letting us use one of their party rooms at no charge
as a storage/changing area for those with fursuits/costumes.
Please be sure to thank all the staff you see!

The old Elkhorn Lanes staff and patrons know and loves us completely.
With the new and bigger place we will see 3 times as many staff and just as many patrons.
I am sure we will make a fantastic impression!

When: Saturday Feb 27th 7pm
Where: Sempeck Lanes 209th Cumberland Ave, Elkhorn, ne
Who:  anyone who wishes to have fun!
What\:  $4 games of bowling, As you come in, you will pre-pay for however many games you would like.  You can join in and bowl at any time.
I have asked for 2 lanes on the end.. maybe lanes 39 and 40
You don't have to bowl to have fun!   They also have laser tag, go-karts, huge arcade, tons of food and overall SUPER fun!

RSVP to Snap by replying here or contact him via YIM


YIM: snapEtiger

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Argleflargle. [28 Jan 2010|12:16am]

Yes. I said it.

And why, do you ask?

Perhaps because I'm uber bored. Perhaps because I really can't stand all this snow on the ground! LOL... And maybe I'm a bit lonely too. SO, that said...

What's everyone doing for Valentine's Day? ... And what do you get a 26yr old male furry for <3Day that isn't completely idiotic? (I haven't got a clue what to get my fiance!)

And, who's on facebook? http://www.facebook.com/ElwingRavenhair?ref=profile Come say hi... Or someone, please, email/message/text meh. (I'm on pounced.org, too!) I've been desperate for friends outside of those I live with and those I work with for the past three years, since we moved here to Remsen, IA from NE. We don't have the ability to go drivin' 'round the whole derned state looking for furries... So, if you live in the Remsen/Le Mars/Sioux City area, drop me a line, puuuhlease? LOL. (Yes, I know. I'm terrible. :P)
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n00bz0r here [30 Dec 2009|04:20pm]
So yes, I'm completely new to both Livejournal and Iowa...just moved to Sioux City from Jackson, WY, and I'm just trying to make some contacts in the area.  Friend me on LJ or on Twitter (MintyFresh84) if you want to get to know me a little better =^.^=
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Found a vital clue on my past today [01 Dec 2009|06:46pm]

As long as I've been able to walk and talk, I have been known as Steve Sandell, born October 31st, 1981 in Iowa City, IA. I was adopted but today I learned of my birth name:


This could be the closest I've come to finding out who concieved me.
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THANKSGIVING!!! [26 Nov 2009|09:21am]

If there are any furs within a couple hours of the Sioux City area that would like to join me and my family (Three adult furries, my dog, cat, rats, and five year old son) for a Turkey Day feast, email me at DitMommy@gmail.com, or message me on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/ElwingRavenhair?ref=profile

We'll give you directions to our house, lol. :D

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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A furry in '10? [26 Nov 2009|02:36am]

For quite some time, I've been considering for running for political office, but the question is what position? One's I've considered:
Governor of Iowa (Well someone needs to take Culver out)
Senate/House of Iowa
US House of Representatives
Burlington, IA City Council

I am Steve Sandell and I approve of this message
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[23 Nov 2009|11:48pm]

For those interested, we have a facebook group now. It's simply the Iowa Furs group. You can reach it here. Iowa Furs Facebook

Maybe this will help us keep in contact. I know I check FB more that LJ....
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Where the Wild Things Were: [31 Oct 2009|07:36pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey, a great movie, a fine lunch, beautiful weather and a great time, as promised, had by all- namely, both me and zortigerWhere The Wild Things Are is a marvelous movie, sophisticated but spoken in the language of a child, much like the book which inspired it.
Sorry to those of you who couldn't make it- next time, maybe!  We can do a more cheeseball movie next time if you like, so there's no risk of a touchy-feeley moment. ^.^

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Revised revision to the previous addendum! [29 Oct 2009|10:11am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

So, wolfzero is out of the running on account of being a big zombie freak. ^.^
This widens the options to Friday OR Saturday, but unless anyone has Important Business to interject, I say we stick with the original noontime Saturday at Jordan Creek's food court.  It's a solid plan, and cannot fail!

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